Image of fuckface canvas bag
  • Image of fuckface canvas bag

fuckface canvas bag

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another wtftw*org production

featuring the infamous billy ripken card:
In 1989, Ripken's Fleer card showed him holding a bat with the expletive "FUCK FACE" written in plain view on the knob of the bat. Fleer subsequently rushed to correct the error, and in their haste, released versions in which the text was scrawled over with a marker, whited out with correction fluid, and also airbrushed. On the final, corrected version, Fleer obscured the offensive words with a black box (this was the version included in all factory sets). Both the original card and many of the corrected versions have become collector's items as a result. There are at least ten different variations of this card.

full color print on canvas bag

bag is 15.5" x 15"

all orders come with extra stickers and other cool shit...